Workout Wedge

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This Workout Wedge is physio-engineered to provide a secure, uniquely angled foundation that will enhance your workouts. Improve form, reduce strain on joints, and have a more secure foundation for a variety of exercises. This Workout Wedge will help increase engagement of the targeted muscle groups by 33%-64%! The inclined design creates a new “floor” which allows you can isolate, sculpt and lift the lower body muscle groups in exercises such as dead-lifts, lunges and squats. The curved design will also contour to your hands or lower back, supporting the muscle groups in the upper and lower back, to encourage better form.

  • Contoured foam wedge for total body workouts
  • Increases muscle engagement
  • Improves form and reduces strain on joints
  • Provides a secure foundation with a patent-pending no-slip base

Measurements: 16"L x 7"W x 2.75"H.

Care Instructions: Clean with a sanitizing wipe after each use.